Raceism Event 2k15

Now it is the time when the best projects present themselves. As in the previous year event level is very high, I am very proud of my S13 once again passed the selection for such exclusive event. But what I do not write words will not give up the wonderful climate of this event. I throw a few pictures of my YELLOWS13 , whole relationship on http://raceism.com/raceism-event-2k15-coverage/




yellow (2704)

WEDS time

After installing AIRRIDE suspension my S13 is doing a little noise. It is first airrided S13 in my country, I am very proud of that fact. However, it is gentle unsatisfied. S13 looks awesome, bodykit is OEM NISSAN 180SX, color is one of a kind, all details are world level, but….. Of course there must be some but, wheels are not pure perfection and I have to do something with them. A few days viewing photos and I have winner – WEDS KRANZE LXZ

yellow (2472)

yellow (2476)


The wheels immediately went to renew and delicate modification. After the purchase wheels have parameters:

8×18″ ET22 and 9×18 ET22

9×18 will be on front and for rear axle some special – 11×18 ET-3

yellow (2533)

yellow (2594)

yellow (2625)


Rims are polished and started with the assembly of parts

yellow (2684)

yellow (2686)

yellow (2690)


Tires were already waiting, set of brand new MICHELIN SUPER SPORT

Front – 205/40

Rear – 245/35

yellow (2715)

yellow (2723)

yellow (2726)


In this way, a unique set of wheels was born…


Riding on bags

Beginning to another big step in life of S13.  It all started after RACEISM event 2k14, S13 have to get low, very low. The first thing to do was definitely a suspension type – coils or bags. As this project is “only the best spec”, the decision was simple.

yellow (2528)

Electronics also had to be the best, THE BEST = ACCUAIR


yellow (2598)


My set was made of TEIN Super Street coilovers, where the spring gave way to bags.

yellow (2622)

E-LEVEL controlle with touchpad will watch over the proper height, ACCUAIR will also gave VU4 solenoid valve unit and ILEVEL wifi receiver to stole the show. System installation was handled by www.airride-system.pl. All components are hidden – Aluminum Air Tank form Porsche Cayenne is in rear bumper, Viair 480C compressor in under the car.

yellow (2630)

yellow (2632)

Winter is coming

Winter came, Nissan has established themselves in the air-conditioned garage and I decided to improve some details that I had to change for a long time, but there was always something else to do.

In times of rebuilding the chassis, the battery was moved to the trunk and scare in it until that time. I decided to change it and hide it in the fender. To there were no problems with the service, I bought a The YELLOWTOP® high-performance AGM battery from OPTIMA® Batteries and added CTEK Comfort Indicator charging connector.

yellow (2348)

yellow (2408)

yellow (2424)


I had already BREMBO six piston big brake kit painted in a beautiful yellow color, but there was one element in them that did not match – stock bleeder valve.  To calipers have gained more flavor bought STAHLBUS bleeder valve.

yellow (2469)

yellow (2486)


The last of work anticipated for the winter was a decent damping front doors using Dynamat SuperLite mats.

yellow (2487)

yellow (2497)



Rootbeer Kandy by House of Kolor

The end of 2014 was full of changes, I moved to a new garage, exactly my two S13 moved. I have finally enough space, the garage has got 100 square meters.

yellow (2340)

Another change was light metamorphosis of yellow. My friend started tests with kandy paints so I decided to use it and change the color of the roof and wheels. The choice fell on Boot Beer Kandy and we started preparation form paint job.

yellow (2359)

yellow (2363)


At the base we gave Galaxy grey that the kandy had the right shade, we put two layers.

yellow (2367)

yellow (2369)


As soon as the base was in place we took a break to enjoy the smell of kandy paint.

yellow (2371)


After that break began the most important stage of the evening, we started to paint kandy coating. With each layer effects was getting better and better.

yellow (2373)

yellow (2380)

yellow (2391)

Nissan spent the rest of the evening in the paint chamber for drying and we are watching F&F with our friend Jack Daniel`s. When Nissan was dried out we can refine the the details and put it together.

yellow (2394)

yellow (2396)

yellow (2400)


Wheels and mirrors were ready a few days later, the final result is brilliant.

yellow (2441)

yellow (2443)

yellow (2575)


To refine the interior

Some time has passed since Nissan began to ride with a new engine, swap took up perfectly. Driving experience with stright six is awesome, sound, response to acceleration is on totaly another level that was on four cylinders.

Enough of raptures, I had to do something with the dash. It was still stock S13 with a hole cut out to R34 cluster can fit. I bought the dash from R34 Skyline and created one from those two.

yellow (2293)


For a long time I wondered what will be the best to my new dash. The project must be consistent, S13 was JDM as F**K so the only option was BRIDE fabric.

Not only the dash was covered in BRIDE, headliner, door panels and gear gaiter was also made from BRIDE fabric

yellow (2294)

yellow (2295)

yellow (2334)

yellow (2428)

I had beautiful R33 GTR seats for the driver and front passenge and rear seat should fit in appearance to the front.  So stock rear seats gave way to the R33 GTR rear seats.

yellow (2336)



Busy year

Another metamorphosis of my Nissan was ready, visually looks like original 180SX TYPE X and mechanically it`s `99 R34 GTT.  After a few days of enjoying my S13 went to drfitshop.pl for dyno test.

yellow (2205)

After a few runs everything was on the right track to break 500HP limit, but… of  course there must be some but, stock Borgwarner`s wastegate holds the pressure max to 1 bar. In stock there was no stronger one, so I have to whait.

Dyno shows 320HP on 1 bar (14,5PSI) boost.

Then on the calendar were several meetings with friends, first


Since 2011 together with friends we go on our weekly trip in ours Nissan`s mostly S13, but there are also some S14, 300ZX and Skylines.

yellow (2211)

yellow (2216)


Next was worldwide meeting organized by RACEISM.COM. Cars were awesome, each presented modifications at a very high level.

yellow (2243)

yellow (2253)

yellow (2255)

JAPFEST this meeting of Japanese cars, which also could not be missed by my yellow S13, we went there. I went there with the whole family of S13

yellow (2279)

yellow (2281)


There were also a few local meetings in my backyard.

yellow (2300)

yellow (2303)

180SX Type X

New engine was in the place, it was time to pimp up the chassis. I think about a lot of bodykits, URAS GT, ROCKET BUNNY or SUPERMADE but all of them are made of fiberglass and I want something more durable. So the choice was simple – sturdy bodykit made of ABS – original Nissan TYPE X kit for 180SX.

yellow (1930)

yellow (1975)


I was lucky and found a complete set with grilles and lighting, only front lip was missing. But I got RAYBRIG headlights insted of it.

yellow (2200)

In couple of weeks kit starts to appear on the car, piece by piece. First was front bumper with carbon lip, then side skirts and last but not least rear bumper with lip.

yellow (1955)

yellow (1964)

yellow (2240)


I showed it to my colleague, the same guy that infected me with S13, and he almost immediately arranged a quick photo shoot.

yellow (1983)

yellow (1985)

yellow (1987)


From the purchase of the RB to the beginning of swap passed about three months, in that time some parts of engine get new paint, I changed the timing belt and tensioners, oli pump gets new interior from REIMAX.

Stock turbo gave way for more powerful one – BorgWarner EFR 7064

yellow (1998)

yellow (2065)

yellow (2067)


Stopping power were also improved by LEXUS ISF front brake discs, PORSCHE CAYENNE brake calipers and HEL brakelines.

yellow (2032)


yellow (2118)

In about month first stage of the swap was ready, engine was installed on custom engine mounts, the center tunnel was matched to a larger gearbox and custom drive shaft was made.

yellow (2083)

yellow (2087)

yellow (2126)

The second stage assumed the construction of the intake system, downpipe, fuel system and other engine accessories.

yellow (2105)

yellow (2123)

yellow (2124)

yellow (2178)




When the noise associated with the wedding stopped, I decided to buy a wedding gift for my Nissan. Looking through offers of SR20DET, more interesting option hit my eyes. Engine looks perfect – RB25NEO from `99 Skyline GTT.

yellow (1919)

Buying engine went quickly, immediately after that I started to buy more parts to it. I bought a few basic parts to improve the overall condition of the engine – new NGK spark plugs and SUPER SPARK coils, GREDDY plenum with Q45 throttle body, GREDDY AIRINX filter and beautiful set of hoses to the engine in only right color.



yellow (1942)

yellow (1951)

yellow (1954)


The icing on the cake was the purchase of  R34 NISMO cluster

yellow (1921)